Carbon Plate Steel Products stocks Commercial-quality, secondary steel plates in the following sizes:
Measurements Units
Thickness 3/16” thru 10”
Width 60” thru 150”
Length 96” thru 500”

Light plate

Commercial-quality, secondary, and .33Max carbon plates are stocked in both random width and length as well as stock sizes from 3/16” up to 1”. In addition to quality and chemistry, our customers require flatness good enough to meet their needs. At Carbon Plate Steel Products we pride ourselves in ensuring that plates are properly sorted and dispositioned appropriately so that our customers can keep their processing lines humming.

Medium plate

Over 1” thru 3” we maintain carbon secondary, commercial-quality and .33Max plate with an eye toward the chemistries and sizes that are most in demand by plate fabricators and processors. Random sizes as well as stock sizes are plentiful at all times.

Heavy Plate

Over 3” thru 10” plate is stocked in wide (up to 100”) and heavy (36,000#) patterns for use in heavy tooling applications. We have the best inventory of commercial-quality, secondary, and .33Max offerings. In addition, we have a nice selection of A36 prime with mill certs for those applications that demand this quality level.